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Why is it so cheap?

This is the most common call we get. Delivering training face-to-face involves a lot of costs (the trainer, premises, Head Office, certification fee etc). Delivering the same course online is radically cheaper as we don’t have the trainer cost, and we can spread our development costs across a large number of learners, meaning everyone pays less.

We chose the charge £12 as the fairest price to reflect this reduced cost. Others have not and you can draw your own conclusions on this. What’s important is that ours follows an identical syllabus and certification process, and it’s same multi choice test etc and qualification. We’ve figured out how to do this at minimal cost and have simply chosen to pass all the savings onto you.

How do I buy a course? (online vs invoice)

There are two options; buy a single course for yourself or set up a business account.

Option 1 Buy and pay online via Worldpay.  This gets you immediate access. This allows you to use any debit/credit card and is recommended for buying a single course places.  You will get immediate access following payment.

Option 2 Take advantage of our bundle offers which reduce the cost of training still further (equivalent of just £10.50/person). Simply choose more than one unit in the purchase area and you will be able to set up a business account that will allow you to track your learners, course codes, gain all vat receipts, download staff certifcates and much more.

What certificate do I get?

You will receive a PDF certificate that you can print. Many other training companies from the food industry and beyond now use online ‘print-yourself’ certification.  This is entirely legitimate, in accordance with the official qualification guidelines and accepted by your EHO. We are happy to speak to any EHO on this matter and they can contact us on 0800 612 6784.

By printing the certificate yourself we are able to reduce the cost to you further.  In the same way you clear your own tray at self-service restaurants (eg IKEA cafe), by this little DIY input from you reduces the cost to you the consumer.

Do the courses have ‘use-by’ dates?

If you register and pay for a course yourself you will have 30 days access to complete the course training material and the test (most complete within 1-2 days). If you buy multiple courses or a bundle for you and your staff the 30 days only start when each member of staff register a course code, this way you can buy as many course codes as you like and use them as and when you need to. On gaining a pass in the exam the course access will then end leaving you with the ability to download your pass certificate anytime you like by simply logging back in. We want you to be as flexible as possible with your training requirements.

What is the 100% Pass Guarantee?

We are confident that the Safer Food Worker is one of the very best Health & Safety training experiences. So much so, we offer a ‘Pass or your money back’guarantee, an offer unique in the industry. In a nutshell, we’ll happily return your course fee if you are unsuccessful in passing the exam, subject to two basic conditions. Firstly, that you have watched all the videos, and secondly that you’ve retaken the test if initially unsuccessful. Unlimited retakes are included in the cost, and our pass rate for people who follow this guidance is above 99.8%

What does a NEW food business need to comply with the law?

You need two main items; firstly Safer Food Worker training (Health & Safety Certificate) for every staff member.

Secondly we also do Safer Food Handler training (Food Hygiene Certificate) and are the currently the cheapest in the UK.

Final advice is that you must to have mains water connected, third party insurance, necessary planning, plus register with your local authority and invite your local EHO in to visit you within one month of opening.

“Simply stunning value, 80% less than the price of our previous supplier, well done”
Gary Wilson (Director) Campbell Wilson Ltd - Specialist TV & Film Location Catering

“Many thanks, your online food hygiene course is brilliant, I will definitely be recommending it to my registered childminder colleagues who all have to renew this”
Susan Smith - Sue's Childminding